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Alex- The Snow Leopard Cub

Alex is the nephew of our friend Viktor. Living deep in the forests of Siberia, Alex basks in the fame of his uncle and is often seen rockin  along to the dance tunes his uncle plays at the ‘Snow Ball’ club.

A budding athlete, Alex is strong and powerful, not to mention super agile. Perhaps that’s why he has such good moves on the dance floor? Either way, Alex is a big hit with the ladies, even if he is a touch arrogant to begin with.

Alex on Plain Background

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Alex on Forest Background – Tinted PSD

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Alex Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Alex Isolated – Grey PSD

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Sonny the boxing Kangaroo

Sonny, the outback boxing champion! He’s never lost a match and he’s sure to make sure you don’t forget it! In front of the lights and the cameras he lets his ego do the talking, but behind the scenes he’s just a gentle giant who loves nothing more than a home cooked meal – just ask his Mum!

Sonny on Plain Background

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Sonny on Outback Background – Tinted PSD

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Sonny Isolated – Colour PSD

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Sonny Isolated – Grey PSD

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Dillon oozes cool.  An idol on the beaches of Peru, he can shoot the tube and ride the breaks along with the very best of them. Dillon loves to chill around a campfire on the beach, strumming his guitar and softly beating his bongos  in the light of the Peruvian moon.  A lover of 60’s music, Dillon loves to put his earphones in and let the world pass him by with a knowing smile.

Dillon on Plain Background PSD


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Dillon Isolated – Tinted PSD


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Dillon Isolated – Grey PSD


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