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Elma is a new age kind of girl. A free spirit of the grasslands and forests. Ever since she was a young moose growing up in deepest Canada, Elma was never one to be just part of the pack.  She’s got her own style and her own way of doing things – and of course her own time scale for getting them done. A lover of nature, peace and harmony; Elma  loves nothing more than to wander, dream and gaze at the stars.

Elma on a Forest Background PSD

Elma_Forest BackgroundDownload   92.6 MB

Elma On Plain Background PSD

Elma_Plain Background

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Elma Isolated – Tinted PSD


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Elma Isolated – Grey PSD


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The slinkiest Cougar in the Savanna. Lola is constantly on the prowl for the younger and fitter cats in the pack.  Wealthy and sophisticated, Lola has one of the nicest pads on the plain. The only thing she likes more than her entourage of alpha males are her collection of handbags, scarfs and hats which she wears at only the most upmarket watering holes.

Lola on a Plain Background – PSD


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Lola on a Jungle Background – PSD


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Lola Isolated – Tinted PSD


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Lola Isolated – Grey PSD


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