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Poppy and Penny

Poppy & Penny – The Identical Twin Pugs

Poppy and Penny are identical pugs. Both very good girls, they are almost the same in every single way – perfect. They both go to the same school and wear the same clothes, they even eat the same food, have the same friends and get the same marks in their school tests.

Even Poppy and Penny’s mother has trouble telling them apart – which is why it was quite handy when Penny discovered she needed glasses. Now everyone finds it easier to call them the right name.


Poppy on Plain Background

Download  4.7 MB

Poppy on Bones Background – Tinted PSD

Download  5.0 MB

Poppy Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  4.8 MB

Poppy Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  1.8 MB


Penny on Plain Background

Download  34.5 MB

Penny on Bones Background – Tinted PSD

Download  35.2 MB

Penny Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  34.6 MB

Penny Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  1.8 MB


Erin – The Squirrel

Erin is just super cute. This adorable little squirrel may seem shy on first appearances, but her craving for all things nutty sees her getting up to all sorts of mischief and into all sorts of trouble.

Erin can charm the acorns out of your pocket with just one flutter of her big brown eyes – no wonder her dad is always complaining that he has an empty store hole in the drey and a weekly appointment to see the woodland school teacher.

Erin on Plain Background

Download  32.5 MB

Erin on Woodland Background – Tinted PSD

Download  51.1 MB

Bruno Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  50.6 MB

Bruno Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  12.5 MB


Bruno – The Wheeler Dealer MeerKat

Bruno, some may say he’s just a top salesman, others may prefer the term wheeler dealer! His cheeky ways and charismatic charm could sell anything, he could even sell ice to eskimos! In his eyes everything has a price, you just have to make sure it’s the right one!

Bruno on Plain Background

Download  54.5 MB

Beartrice on Prairy Background – Tinted PSD

Download  55.6 MB

Bruno Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  45.6 MB

Bruno Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  17.1 MB



Ferdinand is one street wise little fella! His cunning ways keep him one step ahead in everything from fashion to the latest music. He’s not afraid of being himself and he is one confident fox cub. This doesn’t of course mean that he doesn’t enjoy playing the baby of the family when he gets home – especially if his twin sister Roxy is around trying to steal the limelight.

Ferdinand likes nothing better than hanging out with his mates at the local den and of course tucking into a nice bit of takeaway chicken!

Ferdinand on Plain Background

Download  25.0 MB

Ferdinand on Grass Background – PSD

Download  25.7 MB

Ferdinand Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  25.5 MB

Ferdinand Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  10.7 MB


Why not also download Ferdinands Twin Sister Roxy


Download  99.8 MB


Beartrice – The Ballerina Bear

Beatrice was born to follow her dreams! What this wannabe ballerina lacks in grace she makes up for in determination and believes you can be anything you want to be. There’s not a single bad bone beneath that cuddly, adorable exterior, just high aspirations to perform in the annual Jungle Variety Performance! Watch this space!

Beartrice on Plain Background

Download  28.7 MB

Beartrice on Wooded Background – Tinted PSD

Download  29.4 MB

Beartrice Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  28.7 MB

Beartrice Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  9.9 MB


Sonny the boxing Kangaroo

Sonny, the outback boxing champion! He’s never lost a match and he’s sure to make sure you don’t forget it! In front of the lights and the cameras he lets his ego do the talking, but behind the scenes he’s just a gentle giant who loves nothing more than a home cooked meal – just ask his Mum!

Sonny on Plain Background

Download  10.9 MB

Sonny on Outback Background – Tinted PSD

Download  11.8 MB

Sonny Isolated – Colour PSD

Download  10.4 MB

Sonny Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  10.7 MB


Rhino – Neil

They don’t come tougher and clumsier than Neil. From the day he was born, this lovable giant has been a complete and utter clutz. He seems to smash everything in sight even though he tries his very very best to avoid them or handle objects carefully.

Neil loves nothing better than to charge through closed doors and even wooden walls as he practices his moves – one day he plans on crossing the ocean and becoming a  great american football star.

Neil on Plain Background

P1050357Download  28.2 MB

Neil on Savanna Background – Tinted PSD

P1050357Download  30.0 MB

Neil Isolated – Tinted PSD

P1050357Download  27.9 MB

Eric Isolated – Grey PSD

P1050357Download  27.1 MB



Kenny the Koala is the ‘Crooner’ of the gang. He just can’t get enough of tuning his furry little ears into big band jazz while chilling in his eucalyptus tree. He may not be the fastest mover, but he certainly is the most chilled.

Kenny on Plain Background

Download  17.4 MB

Kenny on Background – PSD

Download  18.6 MB

Kenny Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  8.8 MB

Kenny Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  18.3 MB



A true heavy weight skate star of the jungle. Erik swapped the day to day life of the herd for the gnarly excitement of the jungle skate park. This radical jumbo just lives to catch air and show off in front of his adoring fans.

Erik on Plain Background

Download  17.0 MB

Erik on Jungle Background – Tinted PSD

Download  18.3 MB

Eric Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download  17.2 MB

Eric Isolated – Grey PSD

Download  6.5 MB


This girl is all about the glamour. Never to be seen curled up on the sofa, she is the queen of bling and only hangs with the jungle glitterati. Not one for snakebite and black, she is all about champagne and big lashes.

Esme on Plain Background

Download   1.9 MB

Esme on Background

Download   2.1 MB

Esme Isolated – Tinted PSD

Download   17.5 MB

Esme Isolated – Grey PSD

Download   7.0 MB