Poppy and Penny

Poppy & Penny – The Identical Twin Pugs

Poppy and Penny are identical pugs. Both very good girls, they are almost the same in every single way – perfect. They both go to the same school and wear the same clothes, they even eat the same food, have the same friends and get the same marks in their school tests.

Even Poppy and Penny’s mother has trouble telling them apart – which is why it was quite handy when Penny discovered she needed glasses. Now everyone finds it easier to call them the right name.


Poppy on Plain Background

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Poppy on Bones Background – Tinted PSD

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Poppy Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Poppy Isolated – Grey PSD

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Penny on Plain Background

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Penny on Bones Background – Tinted PSD

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Penny Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Penny Isolated – Grey PSD

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