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Rhino – Neil

They don’t come tougher and clumsier than Neil. From the day he was born, this lovable giant has been a complete and utter clutz. He seems to smash everything in sight even though he tries his very very best to avoid them or handle objects carefully.

Neil loves nothing better than to charge through closed doors and even wooden walls as he practices his moves – one day he plans on crossing the ocean and becoming a  great american football star.

Neil on Plain Background

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Neil on Savanna Background – Tinted PSD

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Neil Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Eric Isolated – Grey PSD

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Kenny the Koala is the ‘Crooner’ of the gang. He just can’t get enough of tuning his furry little ears into big band jazz while chilling in his eucalyptus tree. He may not be the fastest mover, but he certainly is the most chilled.

Kenny on Plain Background

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Kenny on Background – PSD

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Kenny Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Kenny Isolated – Grey PSD

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A true heavy weight skate star of the jungle. Erik swapped the day to day life of the herd for the gnarly excitement of the jungle skate park. This radical jumbo just lives to catch air and show off in front of his adoring fans.

Erik on Plain Background

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Erik on Jungle Background – Tinted PSD

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Eric Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Eric Isolated – Grey PSD

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This girl is all about the glamour. Never to be seen curled up on the sofa, she is the queen of bling and only hangs with the jungle glitterati. Not one for snakebite and black, she is all about champagne and big lashes.

Esme on Plain Background

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Esme on Background

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Esme Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Esme Isolated – Grey PSD

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Wild@Home Collection

A French Bulldog with an eye for the unusual. Small but perfectly formed, this smooth looking individual defines debonair. Françoise’s taste for the more traditional things in life have made him a firm favourite with the more discerning ladies in the suburbs of Paris. Often to be seen walking the streets with his butler and sporting his signature monocle, nothing gets escapes the beady eye of this posh pooch.

Françoise on Plain Background

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Françoise Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Françoise Isolated – Grey PSD

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Wild@Home Collection

Bunny girl turned pop star, Chantelle is a bundle of fun and energy.  Never known to sing without her bling, Chantelle is the only bunny who prefers carats to carrots. A lover of modern pop music and ardent vegetarian, she lives life to the full and is never without a smile on her face or something to say.

Chantelle on Plain Background

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Chantelle Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Finaly Isolated – Grey PSD

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The ageing punk rocker of the African delta. An accountant by day, Sid likes nothing better than to spike up the hair and slip in a few safety pins at the weekend. A huge fan of the British Punk Rock scene if the 1970’s he refuses to grow old gracefully and still sees himself as a jungle anarchist – much to the amusement of his wife and children!

Sid on Plain Background

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Sid Isolated – Tinted PSD

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Finaly Isolated – Grey PSD

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A youngster at heart, Viktor likes nothing better than keeping his friends hot on the dance floor with his ‘Cold Rockin’ Beats”.  Viktor has got the bling and boy can he swing. So wave your paws in the air and  welcome Viktor to the It’s A Wildlife family!!

Viktor on Background – PSD

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Isolated Tinted – PSD

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Isolated Black & White PSD

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